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If you've browsed our website and know what you want, but are unsure of what type of decoration you want or what it might cost to achieve it, please fill in your information here and we will provide you with a no-cost and no-obligation quote for decorating your items.

Please try to include as much information and detail as possible so that we can estimate your decoration costs more accurately. 

  1. Your Name
  2. Company/Organization
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email
  5. Are these items required for an event? YES
  6. If YES enter date of event:
  7. What type of items are you thinking of purchasing?
    Promotional Items or Giftware
  8. List your items here. If you have browsed the website and know the item number or name, please include this.
  9. For Clothing choose one of the following:
  10. Decoration appears on:
    (check all that apply)
  11. Approximate size of decoration area(s)
  12. For Promotional Items choose one of the following:
    Engraving or Laser Etching
    Debossing or Stamping
    HD Process Print or Wraparound
    Heat Transfer or PermaPress
    Other (describe in comment below)
  13. Number of colours?
    For screenprinting, up to 6 colours are allowed. For embroidery, up to 15 colours are allowed. If artwork is in full colour to be printed, we will use a process printing technique. Many techniques or products have a limitation of one or two colours, please consult Decoration Techniques or the specific item's description for further information.
  14. What type of artwork is to be applied?
    Logo, vector drawing or line-art
    Photo or full colour image
  15. Will you be able to supply high quality artwork? (Please see our Artwork Submission Guidelines)
    Can supply a vector drawing
    Can supply a high-resolution image
    Will require redrawing or design service
  16. Add any other information we might need to know:

This quote request is for DECORATION ONLY, please consult our product listings for prices on specific items.

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